Hello! I am Alvin Bugeiga Mbabazi. I work as a consultant in business analytics, marketing, & finance. I have passion for entreprenurship, the creative arts, & investment finance.

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Founder, Director


Dec 2015 - Present

Dbuntu Data is a one-stop center for data collection and analytics in Africa. Our mission is to provide businesses in Africa with tools to harness the power of data to transform their economies by bringing convenience to record-keeping and decision making.

Marketing Director

Rushaga Gorilla Camp

Bunyonyi Overland Resort

Karibu BB Suites

May 2019 - Present

I am responsible for the allocation of the organization’s marketing budget, creating and/or introduced new revenue stream opportunities, and developing our overall brand equity & goodwill. My roll expands to the creation & curation of brand content, planning promotional events, managing teams, & delegating tasks/responsibilities.

Junior Technical Director

Batuma Holdings Ltd.

May 2018 - Present

My role at Batuma Holdings Ltd. is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration throughout the planning and implementation of our enterprises' strategic vision. I also lead the company's research & development (R&D) department & build strategic partnerships with various specialists and experts to share and exchange knowledge, resources, and networks.

Portfolio Manager

Trinity University Student Managed Fund

Aug 2017 - May 2018

As a student in Trinity University's Student Managed Fund (SMF) Program, I managed between 25 and 35 equity positions with a portfolio value in excess of $6 million. This gave me the opportunity to manage real money in financial markets, bridging the gap between financial theory and real-world application.



Jun 2015 - May 2018

As a proprietary trader, my job involved market research, trade planning, strategy backtesting, & portfolio optimization primarily in the U.S. Equity markets. I was exposed to algorithmic trading, machine learning, as well as risk & money management.

Business Analytics Intern

Lifecache App

Greek Plug LLC

Jul 2015 - Aug 2016

At Lifecache & GreekPlug, I had the opportunity to join an extraordinary team of visionary and focused entrepreneurs. My role involved finding data, using statistics, and discovering evidence to aid our decision-making. I communicated my findings with simple data visualizations.


B.S. Business Administration; Finance

Trinity University, San Antonio TX

Sep 2014 - May 2018

Reference: Eugenio D. Suarez, Ph.D. | Associate Professor | + 1 210 999 7860 | [email protected] | Dr. Suarez’s was my finance professor and academic advisor. His main research field is international finance, where he studies the integration of international financial markets.

Minor. Entreprenuership & Data Science

Trinity University, San Antonio TX

Sep 2014 - May 2018

Reference: Luis E. Martinez, Ph.D. | Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship | + 1 210 999 8248 | [email protected] | Dr. Luis Martinez was on my academic board and mentored me through my journey as an entrepreneur in college.

Japanese Studies; History & Culture

Temple University, Japan

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016



Business Planning (Design Thinking)


Modeling (Spreadsheet, Python, R)


Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)


Data Processing (SQL)


Personal Statement

I grew up in Kabale, Uganda; son of an entrepreneur (Father) and academician (Mother). I spent my teen years in boarding school, first at Rainbow International School Uganda, and then St. Andrews Senior School Turi; in the Kenyan countryside. In 2014, I went on to pursue my undergraduate degree at Trinity University, a liberal arts college in San Antonio, TX. In May 2018, I graduated with a B.S. in Finance & Business Administration major and an interdisciplinary minor in Entrepreneurship & Data Science. I decided to return home to Uganda to persue entrepreneurship and start my company Dbuntu!


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